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Engage all your supporters with our MapMoveMeasure™ framework.

We help you design the ONE framework that makes your mission happen – easier

The Struggle Nonprofit Organizations Know All Too Well.

You’re the leader of a mid-sized nonprofit, deeply committed to your mission.

Yet, you face hurdles: fundraising goals seem distant, board members are disengaged, and you can’t seem to get unstuck from the day-to-day.

The stakes?

Donor fatigue, recurring donors slipping into the ‘lapsed’ category, and untapped potential in your CRM.

But there’s more to your mission than chasing annual fund targets, creating one-off volunteer activities, and recruiting new board members.

You need genuine, lasting engagement to power up your mission and increase your impact.

Transforming Supporter Engagement

Introducing a solution crafted by a seasoned nonprofit consultant.


It’s your pathway to strengthening donor relations and developing longer-term relationships with every stakeholder.

This isn’t more strategic planning (but we’re glad you did that!) or just another fundraising plan (we’re glad you have that, too!)

This is a strategy for centering donor communication around goals and creating personalized journeys that move them to support your mission in more and bigger ways. It’s how you make your strategic plan actionable.

Gain insights from donor analytics to forge meaningful connections

Revive the passion in your board, making them champions of your cause

Move from transactional interactions to meaningful human connection and build your community

How it works

We’re inside outsiders

We bring 10+ years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and focus all our attention on yours.

We quickly reframe what we hear, add in what we understood, and help you see your work in ways you’ve never seen it before.

Together with your leadership team we’ll build your personalized strategic framework.

Through hands-on working sessions and remote advisory, we use custom templates  to develop and operationalize MapMoveMeasure for your organization.


We’ll create your outcomes pathway declaring the change your mission work will achieve. It’s a simpler, pragmatic theory of change. This serves as your guide for strategic decisions, it keeps you on track toward your vision, and helps you avoid costly detours.


We’ll identify all the ways donors, volunteers, advocates, committee members and other stakeholders can support your mission. What do you offer them today? What else do you need from them? We’ll document it all.


We’ll evaluate all the ‘moves’ against the outcomes and assign a level of engagement. Each interaction contributes, but some demonstrate higher engagement than others. Your supporters won’t all participate at the same level and they won’t stay at one level forever. By tracking and measuring engagement, you’ll be able to offer relevant engagement opportunities.

Different from fundraising consultants

MapMoveMeasure™ provides a guide for you and your supporters to achieve your shared goals.

Then, we offer ongoing coaching to help you and your team operationalize the framework ensuring practical application and long-term success.

The results?


You’ll be confident centering conversations around your outcomes pathway with funders, major donors, and new or potential board members, increasing the likelihood of getting to ‘yes!’.

You’ll increase staff capacity by approaching volunteering as a program rather than a group of people you have to actively manage.
You’ll avoid the scramble to fill board vacancies by discovering future board members within your existing pool of supporters who have already demonstrated their commitment through money, time, skills, knowledge, and leveraging their networks.
You’ll make use of all that data you’ve tracked over the years – you may even discover you love your CRM because it works for you rather than creating more work!

You’ll increase engagement and find that making your mission happen is much easier!

What our clients are saying

Working with Beth helped us formalize our strategy and operationalize our major giving program. As a result, we are easily identifying prospects and cultivating strong relationships based on trust. That trust is grounded in our developing engagement strategy and a higher level of confidence in our data. We are delighted and comforted!

Marisa Rowe, Director of Advancement The Second Step
Marisa Rowe, Director of Advancement

Beth Saunders Associates helped us articulate our fundraising process within a moves management framework. We now have valuable information about the donor journey in our CRM in addition to their donations complete with a dashboard that reflects it all.

Stephen Goss, Ariadne Labs 
Stephen Goss, Ariadne Labs

Through her engagement strategy coaching, Beth brought a fresh perspective while caring deeply enough to learn the inner workings of our organization. She challenged ideas and strategies in a thoughtful way which led me to new solutions and critical thinking. Now I have increased confidence when asking volunteers to do more; I think of the ask as an offer to be more involved in achieving our shared goals.

Angela Stokes, Director of Mentor and Community Engagement BUILD Boston
 Angela Stokes, Director of Mentor and Community Engagement

Success Stories

3 Ways to Work with Us

MapMoveMeasure™ - Create your custom framework

You want a clear guide for increasing donor engagement.

We’ll harness your vision, your relationship-building skills, and your data to build a strategic framework that supports your organization’s goals.

No two nonprofits are in exactly the same place. That’s why we customize our approach and only offer the components you need and can afford (in capacity and budget).

The process typically requires
4 – 6 months

Strategic Advisory - Operationalize the framework

You have the tools, now it’s time to use them wisely.

We’ll incorporate the strategy into your daily work so your entire team “gets it”.

It will become second nature to refer to your vision and outcomes in all fundraising, grant writing, and even in board recruitment.

Engagement levels will inform more strategic segmentation in all your donor outreach.

Starts with a 4-month commitment and renews in 2-month increments.

Engagement Masterclass - Elevate your Stewardship

You’ve got a strategic plan, a workable theory of change, and loads of usable data.

Now you want direction and clarity for your team.

Using a “train-the-trainer” approach we’ll work 1:1 to create your framework blueprint. You’ll design a robust first draft and master the concepts to complete the process with your team.

A 6-session series over the course of 3 months. Add-on strategic advisory is also available.

Realizing the Impact of Genuine Engagement

When you embrace MapMoveMeasure™, you don’t just see the change; you feel it.


Elevate your annual giving campaigns with a surge of enthusiastic supporters.


Wield the power of data, turning numbers into stories that move supporters along a journey.

Witness the growth of your donor base as they evolve from one-time contributors to lifelong advocates.


How is this different from a strategic plan?

Strategic plans define an organization’s overall strategy and help make decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.

Engagement Strategy is a framework designed to increase audience engagement in working toward the mission-related goals in your overall strategic plan.

Do we have to rewrite our vision?
No. We will start with your vision, ensure it is an outcomes statement, and create the map from there.
We have a donor database, do we need to migrate to a CRM?

No, we’ll work with what you have. MapMoveMeasure™ informs how to use the data you have in the database you have. (You could also use the framework as the basis for an enhanced system design in the future.)

What’s the difference between a database and a CRM?
A database is pre-defined and serves a single purpose, such as tracking fundraising activity. A CRM (customer relationship management system), is about relationships; it focuses on the individual and tracks a variety of interactions. A CRM is generally more flexible and supports all or most of your organization’s programmatic activities.

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Your Strategic Stewardship Framework

Increase engagement to increase impact: Develop longer-term supporter relationships so you can make your mission happen – easier.

Download your guide so you can:

  • Move from getting stuff done to making your mission HAPPEN.
  • Create personalized journeys for your supporters so you can raise more money and retain more volunteers.
  • Love your data and use it to propel supporter engagement.
Plus, you’ll gain much-needed capacity. Because when you have a strategic framework your staff and board can more easily participate in stewarding supporters at all levels of engagement.

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Unlock your data’s potential and unleash your expertise to increase supporter engagement.

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