Amanda Charland

Beth worked with us to develop a vision, which was surprisingly difficult. She was really good at getting us to answers. It was an interesting process that challenged us to ask what our organization is doing in our community.  We started to understand how to make this lofty thing tangible — how we take our vision and design programs that help us make it real.

Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society
Megan Day

Working with Beth helped us move from being operations and events focused to crafting our first vision statement with true strategic goals. Now we have our north star and a roadmap that centers us on community and member engagement.

Stoneham Chamber of Commerce
Josh Nespoli

Beth has a way of being professional without being overly formal, so she creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can have normal, human conversations. She jokes around, and does so in a way that allows us to be at ease with who we are as people. …She’s simply one of the easiest people to talk to.

For the Cause
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