At Beth Saunders Associates, it’s our mission to make your mission happen – easier.

Nonprofits are doing a LOT of important work and data collection. They are also in constant “go mode” making it hard to look up, stay on a strategic path, and increase their impact.

That is why we developed MapMoveMeasure™ – a pragmatic and strategic framework that makes it easier for nonprofit leaders to develop longer-term, mutually rewarding relationships with supporters willing to contribute more time, money, and skills so they can make your nonprofit’s  mission happen. 

Meet our Founder, Beth.

Beth is passionate about making missions happen and believes meaningful human connection is the key to achieving positive change in the world.

She helps nonprofit leaders connect people and programs to mission and goals by harnessing their expertise and tapping their data. Her MapMoveMeasure™ framework is a guide for elevating stewardship and developing longer-term relationships with supporters – donors, volunteers, advocates, board members.

Beth’s clients have said that working with her is not just typical project work with a fixed scope. It’s a process that introduces a new way of thinking about their work.

Beth’s consulting practice reflects her life experience and her approach mirrors her own way of learning. Studying abroad in college, earning her MBA, taking a mid-career detour to volunteer and travel in South America, leaving her corporate job to become an AmeriCorps VISTA and ultimately leading her own consulting practice have contributed to Beth’s passion for making the complex simple and the very lofty tangible.

Beyond strategic planning for nonprofits

Beth Saunders Associates – a trusted network of expert consultants

True to her passion for meaningful connection, Beth has cultivated long-term relationships with other expert consultants. Through this network of trusted colleagues, she brings the team your situation requires.

Our Values


We are goals-oriented

We are always looking up. We approach the task at hand by asking ‘what are we trying to achieve?’ in our quest to find the right solution.


We communicate with transparency

We say it like it is. We let you know what we believe you need, not just what you want to hear.


We work within your means (and ours)

We offer our best effort (applied experience and expertise) to provide the most with what you have (people, budget, time).


We make it tangible

We believe in keeping it simple — achieving goals is within reach and the process doesn’t have to be overbearing and complex. We focus on what adds the most value for the situation you’re in, nothing more and nothing less.


We work collaboratively

Whether it is within our own team or with yours, we arrive at decisions through conversation that considers all perspectives.


Beth worked with us to develop a vision, which was surprisingly difficult. She was really good at getting us to answers. It was an interesting process that challenged us to ask what our organization is doing in our community.  We started to understand how to make this lofty thing tangible — how we take our vision and design programs that help us make it real.

Amanda Charland, General Manager Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society
Amanda Charland, General Manager

Working with Beth helped us move from being operations and events focused to crafting our first vision statement with true strategic goals. Now we have our north star and a roadmap that centers us on community and member engagement.

Megan Day, Executive Director Stoneham Chamber of Commerce
Megan Day, Executive Director

Beth has a way of being professional without being overly formal, so she creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can have normal, human conversations. She jokes around, and does so in a way that allows us to be at ease with who we are as people. …She’s simply one of the easiest people to talk to.

Josh Nespoli, Co-Founder For the Cause
Josh Nespoli, Co-Founder

Success Stories

3 Steps to Work with Us


Schedule an intro call

You’ll tell us about your current challenges, what’s worked and what hasn’t. We’ll confirm what tools you have and which are needed.


Customize the approach

Together, we’ll determine the best approach for applying MapMoveMeasure™  within your organization.


Get to work!

We sign off, schedule our kick-off, and roll up our sleeves to create your custom MapMoveMeasure™ framework.

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