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Power up Fundraising. Increase Engagement. Maximize Impact.

Make Your Mission Happen.

Nonprofit Leaders, we understand your struggle. 

You want to make a difference. You know important change needs to happen.

You know there’s potential, but you and your team are maxed out juggling fundraising, volunteers, events, and program delivery.

Your nonprofit organization is under-resourced, yet you fear donor fatigue, so you don’t reach out for more support – resulting in staff burnout.

You think you need new supporters, but what you need are deeper relationships with the supporters you already have.

Your organization has a wealth of data in your CRM or donor database, but you’re unsure how to unlock its power for better decision-making and supporter engagement.

You already have a strategic plan, but still lack clarity to make it actionable.

Create more personalized journeys for your supporters that lead to more dollars, time, skills, and leadership toward your cause.


Amplify your supporters’ impact with unique engagement opportunities—going beyond petitions and major gifts.


Make data-informed decisions on volunteer recruitment, engagement, and retention to discover untapped supporters beyond those you met at your latest event.


Turn asks  into offers  to create donor experiences and journeys while avoiding donor fatigue.

Make a bigger impact and make your mission happen – easier.

A different approach to nonprofit consulting


Our unique solution to increase supporter engagement

Whether it’s fundraising strategy, board development, or enhancing volunteer recruitment and retention, our framework helps you connect the dots between your strategic plan, mission, and data so you can realize your vision and make your mission happen — easier.

Clarify Your Strategic Direction

Our supporter engagement framework provides structure, strategic direction, and clarity.

When you get specific about what you intend to achieve – the change you are creating in the world – it becomes much easier to cultivate support.

Leverage Your Supporter Engagement Data

You have data, let’s use it for more than mailing lists.

Your supporters are telling you what they can and want to do. We’ll help you use your data to identify their engagement level and create personalized journeys so they are inspired to contribute more.

Achieve your desired outcomes more effectively

To change outcomes you need to change the way you apply your knowledge and use your data.

We’ll help you operationalize the framework so your team learns exactly how to use this new strategic tool in your toolbox to achieve your goals.

It’s more than just fundraising consulting – It’s a new way of thinking for nonprofit organizations!

Learn more about our consulting services and how we can help you.

Nonprofit Consultants

We are Beth Saunders Associates

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal.

Corny? Maybe. Honest? Absolutely!

Like you, we’re goals-driven with a social mission.

Like you, we want practical solutions we can apply easily to create and sustain momentum – and achieve our goals.

You’re already making an impact. You’re attracting donors and making a real difference. You have an opportunity to do even more.

We’ll bring a new way of thinking about your work, a new way of applying your skills, and a new way of leveraging your data. All so you can deepen relationships with your donors, volunteers, advocates, board members, and other supporters, and really make your mission happen.

At Beth Saunders Associates, we’re a creative and collaborative group of strategists and consultants. We have deep expertise in business, marketing and technology in the nonprofit sector and a 100% commitment to helping social mission and nonprofit organizations achieve their goals.

We believe the key to achieving your mission is to create meaningful human connection.

Clients we’ve worked with

We pride ourselves on being active listeners, strategic thinkers, and practical experts, and that’s what our nonprofit clients tell us they like about us.

But don’t take our word for it, read what they have to say.

With Beth’s guidance, we not only gained a deeper understanding of our organizational goals, but we also implemented new ideas for welcoming and engaging members and board members. Beth’s expertise and dedication have allowed us to create a strategic framework that ensures we provide even greater value to our community.

Beth Locke, Executive Director Arlington Chamber of Commerce
Beth Locke, Executive Director

Beth successfully channels the energy and the complexity of what we’re managing. She makes the complex simple. If we hadn’t invested in working with Beth Saunders Associates, our work would look very different; it would be less responsive, with narrow parameters, and a lot of stress.

Fahd Vahidy, Bill Graustein’s Office Community Leadership Program
Fahd Vahidy, Bill Graustein’s Office

Working with Beth we not only designed an engagement pyramid, we were able to operationalize our strategy throughout the organization. We have so many good examples of moving our constituents from transactional to transformative engagement, whether that means contacting decision makers, becoming a member, or pledging a legacy gift. Beth was an incredible resource in helping us see things from a bigger perspective!

Lana Weber, Community Engagement Coordinator  Idaho Conservation League
Lana Weber, Community Engagement Coordinator

Success Stories

This is for you if:


You’re a mid-sized nonprofit working in human services, social justice, environmental protection, or similar social services.


You have a leadership team – you’re not a solo Executive Director.


You’re already doing more than fundraising to engage your supporters (you engage volunteers, advocates, ambassadors, and committees), and you want a clearer strategy to build upon those efforts.


You’re using a CRM or donor database with robust reporting capabilities.

This is not for you if:


You’re primarily government and grant funded with no plans to create an individual giving program.


You only fundraise and have no intention of engaging supporters through volunteerism or advocacy or broadening your view of committee service.


You work from spreadsheets with no formal database for fundraising or contact management.

Your annual revenue is under $1M – you probably need to focus on more immediate infrastructure needs (but call us when you’re ready!).

3 Steps to Work with Us


Schedule an intro call

You’ll tell us about your current challenges, what’s worked and what hasn’t. We’ll confirm what tools you have and which are needed.


Customize the approach

Together, we’ll determine the best approach for applying MapMoveMeasure™  within your organization.


Get to work!

We sign off, schedule our kick-off, and roll up our sleeves to create your custom MapMoveMeasure™ framework.

Free Guide


Your Strategic Stewardship Framework

Increase engagement to increase impact: Develop longer-term supporter relationships so you can make your mission happen – easier.

Download your guide so you can:

  • Move from getting stuff done to making your mission HAPPEN.
  • Create personalized journeys for your supporters so you can raise more money and retain more volunteers.
  • Love your data and use it to propel supporter engagement.
Plus, you’ll gain much-needed capacity. Because when you have a strategic framework your staff and board can more easily participate in stewarding supporters at all levels of engagement.

We’re specialists in nonprofit consulting

Our approach is goals-driven with a social mission. We’re fueled by meaningful human connection.

That’s what we want for you, too – meaningful connections and longer-term relationships. So your existing supporters can help you achieve your social mission goals – easier.

Take the first step and schedule a free intro conversation to get started.